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Home for Sale 33 Roma St Bristol, RI

SOLD Mixed Used Bristol, RI
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Going Places - Moving Forward

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Going Places-Moving Forward. Several yrs before #RealEstate & to this day we've been packing, hauling, selling #Antiques and just good stuff. I've blown holes in the knees & butts of jeans loading & unloading in 10-90 degree weather way before ripped jeans were fashionable. We've cleaned out houses 'til 2 A.M. meeting your deadlines. I've seen many #BeautifulHomes and decided I liked to sell them too. So you see it's not New it's Complimentary to what we do! Now that the kids are grown the men are in charge. #EstateLiquidations #EstatePurchases#CompleteCleanouts broom swept attic to basement, #Moving what you want #buying want you don't, #deliveries. Call Ron 401-523-6569

Going Coastal Rhode Island 


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